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CD Production

The Stadler Quartett produces the CD ekmelische musik · STADLER QUARTETT with ekmelic string quartets by Franz Richter Herf, Johannes Kotschy, Kurt Anton Hueber, and Alois Hába. The recordings take place on thru in Ruhpolding through the company Balance, Munich, Germany, which is also responsible for the sales and marketing.

Music school Bad Ischl, Austria

Music school Ebensee, Austria

Workshop Concerts

These concerts, arranged on initiative of Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurzinger, provide introductions into ekmelic music by means of practical demonstrations.

at the Kraus family´s house, Salzburger Straße 75, Oberndorf near Salzburg, Austria

House Concert

Radio Broadcast

To celebrate his 70th birthday, Kurt Anton Hueber talks about his bell spectra, among others.


  • Elisabeth Richter

    Einfluss fremder Musikkulturen

    about the influence of other musical cultures on the works of Franz Richter Herf, for the annual report of the .