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The microtonal Village 2024

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Referate I

Moderation: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Georg Vogel (AUT)

    Composition and Improvisation in Extended 31-tone Meantone Tuning - Exemplified on the 31-tone Claviton

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  • Eleni Ralli (GRC)

    The transcription process: parameters to consider, challenges, and proposed solutions in Harry Partch’s work

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Referate II

Moderation: William Anderson

  • Vytautas Germanavičius (LTU)

    Adapting unequal tuning systems to new technological environments and applying them to compositional and performance practices

  • Matthew Sallis (GBR)

    Just (Intonation) Stop Equal Temperament Tuning

  • Daniel Corral (USA)

    2 of Pentacles

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Referate III

Moderation: Jonathan Dawe

  • Felipe Pinto d'Aguiar (CHL)

    Two Strategies for Utilizing Microtones in Orchestral Settings

  • Faustina Dedūraitė (LTU)

    Chess Tournament between Strictness and Freedom: Microdimensional Strategies in the Music of Rytis Mažulis

  • Mario García Hurtado (MEX)

    The Guitar in Sonido 13 and Its Microtonal Evolution

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Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Iván Hernández (MEX)

    Expansion of the microtonal Marimba