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The microtonal Village 2024


Referate VII

Moderation: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

  • Giacomo Fiore (USA)

    Fluid and Adaptive Tunings in the Music of Larry Polansky

  • Navid Bargrizan (USA)

    Nonexistent Fundamentals and Distant Partials as the Source of Tuning and Pitch Inception

  • Jonathan Dawe (USA)

    Amor nello Specchio: a microtonal Opera

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Referate VIII

Moderation: William Anderson

  • Afamia Al-Dayaa (DEU)

    Lou Harrison's Piano Concerto

  • Jacob Elkin (USA)

    Lou Harrison’s “At the Tomb of Charles Ives for Small Orchestra”

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Referate IX

Moderation: Jonathan Dawe

  • Bill Alves (USA)

    Lou Harrison’s Free Style Intonation

  • Jim Dalton (USA)

    Appraisal of Harrison’s Leap

  • Joseph Klein (USA) und Elliot Figg (USA)

    The Microtonal Harpsichord: Two recent works exploring Just Tuning Systems

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