Greenwich House, 122 West 27th St. New York, N.Y. 10014

The microtonal Village 2024

Tag IV

Referate X

Moderation: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Amir Abbas Ahmadi (IRN) und Sarvin Hazin (IRN)

    Exploring Tuning Systems in Iranian Dastgah and Maqam Music: A Theoretical and Artistic Presentation

  • John Schneider (USA)

    Harry Partch: Radical Innovator

  • Omar Medina (MEX)

    Pre-Hispanic Microtonal Aerophones and their psychoacoustic effect

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Referate XI

Moderation: William Anderson

  • Smee Wang (CHN)

    Exploring Microtonal Soundscapes in “Mosaic Miniature”

  • Fernando Pérez (ESP)

    Guitar & Microtonal Music Traditions

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Referate XII

Moderation: Jonathan Dawe

  • Robert Hasegawa (CAN)

    Compositional resources of a hybrid seven-note microtonal scale

  • Can Bilir (TUR)

    Gravitation of Relative Pitch and Tonal Axes

  • Ángel Blanco (MEX-CAN)

    World and US Premieres – Novaro, Carrillo, Hába