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F23.wir.fabriken, Breitenfurter Straße 176, 1230 Vienna, Austria

Premiere Round 5 at the festival “sirene 2020 – Die Verbesserung der Welt”

  • Text: Antonio Fian

    Music: Matthias Kranebitter

    Amerika oder die Infektion

    Chamber opera

Ekmelos 2.14

A new release of the Ekmelos Font with over 1500 glyphs is now available.

Ekmelily 3.3

A new release of Ekmelily – notation of microtonal music with LilyPond – is now available.


New CDs

Vom Leben das Beste - Ekmelische Musik für Gesang Harfe GitarreVom Leben das Beste

Ekmelische Musik für Gesang Harfe Gitarre

Compositions relating to the eponymous song by Franz Richter Herf
released in

Agustín Castilla-Ávila: Aufs ParadiesAufs Paradies

by Agustín Castilla-Ávila

Performers: NoiZ guitar duo, Athenaeum Trio et al
released in

Johannes Kotschy: Fremde TöneFremde Töne

18 miniatures for violin solo by Johannes Kotschy

with poems by Roswitha Klaushofer
Performers: Lukas Hagen and his class
released in



Symposium “Mikrotöne: Small is beautiful 2019”,

Pictures of the award ceremony to Tomaž Svete for his operas “Ada” and “Antigona”, and for the concert for 2 violins, on .

IGEM Festival,


: Latest release 2.14 of the Ekmelos Font.

: Latest release 3.3 of Ekmelily – notation of microtonal music with LilyPond.

: Latest release 3.1 of ekmelib – scripts for microtonal music contents in Web pages.

: The articles and lectures by Franz Richter Herf are now – revised and partly translated into English – available.