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Stift Klosterneuburg

Performance at the INÖK-Concert

The microtonal Village 2024 (Washington Square Park)


New York City, USA

The microtonal Village 2024

A series of Papers, Workshops and Concerts focusing on Lou Harrison’s microtonal music and the American Primitive to be presented in New York City,
in collaboration with The Village Trip Festival.

All dates are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT = UTC - 4:00 = CEST - 6:00).

Provisional program (last updated ):

Venue TBA
and Online via Zoom Meeting

The microtonal Village 2024

Day I


Presentations I

Chair: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Georg Vogel (AUT)

    Composition and Improvisation in Extended 31-tone Meantone Tuning - Exemplified on the 31-tone Claviton

Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Eleni Ralli (GRC)

    The transcription process: parameters to consider, challenges, and proposed solutions in Harry Partch’s work

  • Break

Presentations II

Chair: William Anderson

  • Vytautas Germanavičius (LTU)

    Adapting unequal tuning systems to new technological environments and applying them to compositional and performance practices

  • Matthew Sallis (GBR)

    Just (Intonation) Stop Equal Temperament Tuning

  • Daniel Corral (USA)

    2 of Pentacles

  • Break

Presentations III

Chair: Jonathan Dawe

  • Felipe Pinto d'Aguiar (CHL)

    Two Strategies for Utilizing Microtones in Orchestral Settings

  • Faustina Dedūraitė (LTU)

    Chess Tournament between Strictness and Freedom: Microdimensional Strategies in the Music of Rytis Mažulis

  • Mario García Hurtado (MEX)

    The Guitar in Sonido 13 and Its Microtonal Evolution

  • Break

Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Iván Hernández (MEX)

    Expansion of the microtonal Marimba

Greenwich House, 122 West 27th St. New York, N.Y. 10014

The microtonal Village 2024

Day II

Presentations IV

Chair: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

  • Ralph Lewis (USA)

    Johnny Reinhard: A Multi-Faceted Microtonal Maven

  • Leonid Galaganov (USA)

    Expressive Affordances of 24-EDO in Christopher Trapani’s “End Words”

  • Luke Villavicencio (USA)

    Pitch in High-Definition

  • Break

Presentations V

Chair: William Anderson

  • Katarzyna Daszkiewicz (POL)

    I wrap difficult topics with musical tulle – Microtonality in Agata Zemla’s reportage music

  • Agata Dereń (POL)


  • Rafał Barcella (POL)

    Notation, sound and rhythm askew: microtonality in Passacaglia for strings by Rafał Barcella

  • Break

Presentations VI

Chair: Jonathan Dawe

  • Orlando Zavala (MEX)

    Pythagorean Xilophone

  • Jorge Echevarría Chávez (MEX)

    ITZA KAYUM: Beethoven and Carrillo

  • Giacomo Fiore (USA)

    A Just Intonation Resophonic Guitar Retrospective

Venue TBA

The microtonal Village 2024


Presentations VII

Chair: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

  • Giacomo Fiore (USA)

    Fluid and Adaptive Tunings in the Music of Larry Polansky

  • Navid Bargrizan (USA)

    Nonexistent Fundamentals and Distant Partials as the Source of Tuning and Pitch Inception

  • Jonathan Dawe (USA)

    Amor nello Specchio: a microtonal Opera

  • Break

Presentations VIII

Chair: William Anderson

  • Afamia Al-Dayaa (DEU)

    Lou Harrison's Piano Concerto

  • Jacob Elkin (USA)

    Lou Harrison’s “At the Tomb of Charles Ives for Small Orchestra”

  • Break

Presentations IX

Chair: Jonathan Dawe

  • Bill Alves (USA)

    Lou Harrison’s Free Style Intonation

  • Jim Dalton (USA)

    Appraisal of Harrison’s Leap

  • Joseph Klein (USA) and Elliot Figg (USA)

    The Microtonal Harpsichord: Two recent works exploring Just Tuning Systems

  • Break

Greenwich House, 122 West 27th St. New York, N.Y. 10014

The microtonal Village 2024

John Schneider

John Schneider (USA)


Greenwich House, 122 West 27th St. New York, N.Y. 10014

The microtonal Village 2024

Day IV

Presentations X

Chair: Agustín Castilla-Ávila

Online via Zoom Meeting

  • Amir Abbas Ahmadi (IRN) and Sarvin Hazin (IRN)

    Exploring Tuning Systems in Iranian Dastgah and Maqam Music: A Theoretical and Artistic Presentation

  • John Schneider (USA)

    Harry Partch: Radical Innovator

  • Omar Medina (MEX)

    Pre-Hispanic Microtonal Aerophones and their psychoacoustic effect

  • Break

Presentations XI

Chair: William Anderson

  • Smee Wang (CHN)

    Exploring Microtonal Soundscapes in “Mosaic Miniature”

  • Fernando Pérez (ESP)

    Guitar & Microtonal Music Traditions

  • Break

Presentations XII

Chair: Jonathan Dawe

  • Robert Hasegawa (CAN)

    Compositional resources of a hybrid seven-note microtonal scale

  • Can Bilir (TUR)

    Gravitation of Relative Pitch and Tonal Axes

  • Ángel Blanco (MEX-CAN)

    World and US Premieres – Novaro, Carrillo, Hába

Augustinussaal, Stift Klosterneuburg

Performance at the Concert of the ARGE Klosterneuburger KomponistInnen

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Musiktheater, Türkenstraße 19, 1090 Vienna, Austria 

Concert to the 70th birthday of the composer Ulf-Diether Soyka