Notation of Ekmelic Music

In the notations after Franz Richter Herf and Rolf Maedel, after Ezra Sims, as well as after Horst-Peter Hesse, the sharp / flat symbols are completed by three additional signs and their inversions for the degrees within the semitone.

   +1/12 +1/6 +1/4 −1/4 −1/6 −1/12   Alteration, Tone fraction
 016 2333 135066 2383 13100 Distance in cents tempered
91 23--8 13--25--41 23----58 13--75--91 23--108 13Reach of hearing in cents tempered
Richter Herf / Maedel

In case of Richter Herf / Maedel, the arrows are placed above the notes and they apply to the respective measure, just like the conventional accidentals. A diagonal slash cancels them. However, together with chords, bent arrows are used for better legibility; for example:

Chord 10 : 13 : 22

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