Alterations in 19-EDO

The following table shows the alterations in the 19-tone equal-temperament system (19-EDO) with 2 degrees.

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xDegreexAlter.xCentsxSfx DexSfx Enxstdxsagxmsag
16/1963 319iss
−1−6/19−63 319esf
212/19126 619isisss x
−2−12/19−126 619esesff
std – Standard Notation
Standard sharp / flat symbols (U+E260 - U+E264).
sag – Sagittal Notation
2 × 2 Spartan Sagittal multi-shaft symbols after George D. Secor and David C. Keenan (U+E318 ... U+E335).
msag – Mixed Sagittal Notation
Standard sharp / flat symbols (U+E260 - U+E262, U+E264), and large double-sharp symbol (U+E47D). This is a variant of std and actually not a Sagittal notation.