ekmelib for Quarter tones

These are examples for the use of ekmelib for the 24-tone equal-temperament (24-ET, quarter tone) tuning. The score supports a different list of notation styles than for 72-ET.

The examples require the following files to be included in the document:

  • pre/en-de/ekmcomb-24.js
  • pre/css/ekmcomb.css
  • and the Ekmelos Font as WOFF, OTF, or SVG, online in a directory fonts (e.g. http://my.domain/fonts/ekmelos.woff) or locally installed.
  • Here is an ekmelib player
    d eseh d cisih d
  • Here is an ekmelib player
    d a' cisih d eseh d cisih a cisih, d
  • Here is an ekmelib player
    d gih a heseh feh cisih' eseh, d
Here is an ekmelib score

The tone sequences are taken from the Intonation Exercises for quarter tones by Franz Richter Herf.
The scores with all exercises are available for download.