The Ekmelos Font

Latest release: 2.40

Ekmelos is a music font compliant with SMuFL.
Initially designed for use in conjunction with Ekmelily and ekmelib, it meanwhile includes over 2000 glyphs – clefs, noteheads, flags, accidentals, rests, articulations, dynamics, ornaments, playing techniques, etc.

The Ekmelos Font Software is a family consisting of four fonts:

  • Ekmelos
  • Ekmelos 12-EDO
  • Ekmelos 24-EDO
  • Ekmelos 72-EDO

each available as OpenType, WOFF, WOFF2, and SVG. The three "Ekmelos N-EDO" fonts are intended for use with ekmelib and include only the glyphs required by the respective edo version, thus reducing significantly the download volume.

Ekmelos is created with the excellent FontForge.
Some WOFF2 fonts (12/72-EDO) are created with woff2woff2.


  • Folder
    … all files of Ekmelos: fonts, documentation, metadata, scripts, old versions, etc.
  • Documentation
    … with tables of all glyphs in the Ekmelos font, and a description of the metadata and the support for LilyPond.
  • Zip Archive
    … with all fonts, documentation, metadata, et al
  • Windows Setup
    … installs Ekmelos.otf on the system (C:\Windows\Fonts), as well as the metadata, changelog, and license into a selectable folder (default is %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\SMuFL\Fonts\Ekmelos\). This application is created with Inno Setup.

See also the Tables with alterations.


The folder fonts contains all available font files. Install the OpenType font Ekmelos.otf on your system:

  • On GNU/Linux, copy the file e.g. to /usr/local/share/fonts (or a subfolder), and rebuild the font cache with fc-cache -f -v (or reboot).
  • On OS X, copy the file to /Library/Fonts.
  • On Windows, drag the file to C:\Windows\Fonts or run Windows Setup.

LilyPond Support

Extensions for LilyPond which enable the use of glyphs from Ekmelos – and basically from any SMuFL compliant font:

  • Ekmelily
    … supports variable accidentals and key signatures for the notation of microtonal music in several equal-temperament tunings: 12, 19, 24, 31, 36, 48, and 72-EDO.
  • Esmuflily
    … supports a variety of other music symbols: clefs, time signatures, noteheads, rests, flags, articulations, dynamics, playing techniques, etc.

To combine Ekmelily and Esmuflily, add the following lines near the top of your LilyPond input file (for Ekmelos, the first line can be omitted). This is equivalent to the default setting of LilyPond:

ekmelicFont = FONTNAME
\include "ekmel-24.ily"
\include "esmufl.ily"
\language "nederlands"

Or e.g. for semitones only and English note names:

ekmelicFont = FONTNAME
\include "ekmel-12.ily"
\include "esmufl.ily"
\language "english"

Author / License

Written by Thomas Richter, thomas-richteraonat

Copyright © 2013-2021 Thomas Richter,
with Reserved Font Name “Ekmelos”.

The Ekmelos font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1, which means it is free to use, redistribute, and modify, but please do respect the conditions set out in the license.
See the files LICENSE.txt and OFL-FAQ.txt. This license and FAQ are also available at