Esmuflily – Support for Ekmelos / SMuFL

Latest release: 2022-09-21

Esmuflily is an extension for LilyPond which enables the use of glyphs from Ekmelos – and basically from any SMuFL compliant font: clefs, time signatures, noteheads, rests, flags, articulations, performance indications, dynamics, etc. — For accidentals and key signatures, see Ekmelily.

Esmuflily 2022-09-21 requires LilyPond version 2.22.0 or higher.
LilyPond is the free GNU music typesetter to automatically produce high-quality sheet music. It runs on GNU/Linux, OS X, and Windows.


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    … all files of Esmuflily: LilyPond include files, documentation, short demos, old version prior to 2022-08-25, et al
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    … of all commands and styles in Esmuflily.


Add the following lines near the top of your LilyPond input file. The first line can be omitted when using the Ekmelos font.

ekmelicFont = FONTNAME
\include "esmufl.ily"

To support also accidentals, combine Esmuflily with Ekmelily and add e.g. the following lines to achieve LilyPond's standard behaviour, i.e. Dutch note names and Stein / Couper accidentals for quarter tones (24-EDO).

ekmelicFont = FONTNAME
\include "esmufl.ily"
\include "ekmel-24.ily"
\language "nederlands"
\ekmelicStyle stc

Author and License

Esmuflily was written by Thomas Richter, thomas-richteraonat

Copyright © 2020-2022 Thomas Richter

Esmuflily is licensed under the MIT License.
See the file LICENSE.txt. This license is also available at