stadler quartettStadler Quartett

The Stadler Quartett has been founded in at the Mozarteum Academy Salzburg, consisting of Frank Stadler – 1st violin, Richard Flür – 2nd violin, Predrag Katanic – viola, and Peter Sigl – violoncello.

For the quartet, acquiring great works of the traditional string quartet literature is of prime importance just as the intensive analysis of contemporary compositions. As one of their special subjects, they are engaged in microtonal and ekmelic music since many years. The initiative for this came from Prof. Horst-Peter Hesse, who, both as the director of the Institute for Basic Musical Research and as a teacher at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, imparted the necessary basics in music theory to the quartet and made available the 72-step Ekmelic Organ from Franz Richter Herf as a controlling instrument and for the rehearsal work.

In course of time, a highly colorful and exclusive repertoire has been developped by numerous premieres of novel works; some of them were written specifically for the Stadler Quartett. Concert trips led the quartet to the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Norway, Italy, and Brazil.

Since 1997, the Stadler Quartett also forms the core of the oenm . oesterreichisches ensemble für neue musik. In 2005, the ensemble was awarded the "Preis für Neues Hören" ("Prize for New Listening") of the International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum University Salzburg.