Sabine KrausSabine Kraus


Sabine Kraus, harpinist. Born in in Tittmoning, Bavaria. She studied harp with Marianne Oberascher and E. Witsenburg at the Mozarteum Academy Salzburg and finished her degree "with distinction" in 1997.

Cesar Bresgen dedicated the “Concerto Sabina” to the 13 year old harpinist and she first performed it in 1987 at the "Weltharfenkongress" in Vienna. In 1991, she attended a master course with Prof. B. Sylvestre in Nice, France, by an invitation of the Bavarian state government; since 1995, she is a member of the Ek Melos Ensemble. In 1998, she acceded a lectureship at the pedagogic academy of the diocese Linz.