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Ezra Sims, composer. Born on in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, died on in Belmont, Massachusetts, USA. He studied at first at the Birmingham Conservatory of Music, afterwards at the Yale University School of Music in New Haven. Beside complementing studies, among others, with Darius Milhaud at the Mills College, Oakland, he was learning Chinese at a language school of the US-Army, he made numerous journeys to all parts of the world, and gained profound insights into the Chinese literature, which are expressed by his “Chamber Cantata on Chinese Poems”.

Since 1971, Ezra Sims uses tone systems with 18 or 24 tones of the 72-step ekmelic scale which he also applies by means of computer technology with highest accuracy. Furthermore, also non-equidistant tone scales appear in the works of Sims, according to the "Just Intonation" or the naturetone technique.

Ezra Sims lives in Boston, from where he maintains world-wide relations by the Harvard University in Cambridge. He works a lot together with the Boston Musica Viva, as well as with the ensemble Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble, which he co-founded, and which he was directing for many years till 1981.


  • 1962Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, Japan
  • 1977Martha Baird Rockefeller Foundation Recording Grant
  • 1976, 1978National Endowment for Arts (NEA) Fellowships
  • 1979Massachusetts Artists Foundation Fellowship
  • 1983Koussevitsky Foundation Commission
  • 1985American Academy of Arts & Letters Award
  • 1992Fulbright Senior Research Grant
  • 2008"Music On The Edge", University of Pittsburgh, 80th Birthday Concert
  • 2009American Music Research Center, University of Colorado Distinguished Achievement Award



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